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    SH-ZX02 Pick & Place Case Packer

    SH-ZX02 Pick & Place Case Packer

    • Release date:2019-02-14
    • Description
    • Performance characteristics
    • Technical parameter


    ● SH-ZX02 is a fully-automatic intelligence case packer,

        it can be easily formated a variety sizes of bottles and inserted the partition into case.

    ● The gripper of suction cups are made from rubber.

    ● The gripper is picked the head of bottles and placed into the erected carton. once it finished, 

        the full carton will be discharged and conveyed to case sealing machine.

    ● It's capable of speeds up to 2-6 cases per minute.

    ● Utilizing PLC and touchscreen of Japan Mitsubishi.

    ● Full safety interlocked guarding. Insufficience coming will be stopped.

    ● Easy to program, maintain consistent operation, increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

    Technical Parameters




    2-6 cases/min

    Carton size

    L200-500 x W150-500 x H150-500mm (customizable)


    380V 6KW 50/60HZ

    Air Consumption



    L4500 x W1500 x 3200mm (incl infeed conveyor)

    Machine weight


    *Specification subject to change without notice


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